After cleansing, toning is a very important part of one’s skincare routine. Toners help you remove dirt and oils not completely removed by only cleansing. It prepares the skin for the next steps of your routine. There are different types of toners that target a variety of issues. In my case, I often choose my toners based on the skin issues I wish to address. May it be dryness, acne, or dullness etc.

For example, if you are experiencing dry skin and need a toner to help address the issue, it would be to your advantage to choose a toner that is hydrating and or moisturizing and devoid of alcohol. For acne, hyperpigmentation and dull skin, picking an acid toner aka exfoliating toners such as glycolic acid or mandelic acid toner which helps dry acne, fade dark spots and brightens skin would be advised. I would also choose a moisturizing toner which would help impart moisture to counterbalance the acid/exfoliating toner’s alcohol content.

Regardless of your skin’s condition using a toner is beneficial to the overall cleansing and health of your skin.





Never underestimate the power of cleansing. Often times proper cleansing can resolve a lot of skin issues. The types of products used to cleanse is also a major factor. Non-drying and non-stripping cleansers are best for the face. Those with acne issues should pay close attention to that and refrain from using harsh cleansers which are often sulfate based. Many are under the illusion that a harsh cleanser will help dry any active acne when in fact it inflames the skin and making the situation worse and creates a breeding ground for bacteria which invites even more acne. In actuality, a non-stripping and nondrying preferably sulfate free one is the best choice. To be specific it is best to stick to low ph cleansers.

Some of my favorites that can be purchased on amazon by clicking below :


Are you doing too much?

Being a skincare blogger who uses mainly Asian Skincare, it is difficult to broach the subject matter of “Doing too much” without offending anyone.

Like many in my field, it is difficult to not cross that line. I love Korean Skincare and its many steps that can reach up to 10, which is my usual aim in my routine. Many times,  I  fall short of the 10. Usually ending at about 3 products and maybe 8. As my interactions in the AB Community increased, I noticed a trend of 15 to 20 products being used by some. That honestly has left me baffled. The only word that comes to mind at that point is ..Why??!!

How does one properly use a product when it is layered under 19 layers of other stuff?  How does one see result? How does one avoid over-saturating the skin with products that may cause issues later on? How about allergic reactions?  How about product interactions? How about clogged pores? So many questions plague my mind. Yes skincare is addictive and the FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out) is real, but what about skincare responsibility?

The new trend at is this time is the use of AHAs, BHAs, and Retinol.  Used properly they can give amazing results by reducing fine lines, reducing and /or eradicating acne, acne scar, and hyper-pigmentation. The flip side is, these products can create photosensitivity, hyper-pigmentation. With overuse and improper usage,  acids can do more harm than good. As a lover of acids,  may they be peels, toners or serums, I always make sure to use discretion when applying them. I have watched others layer and layer acids and sometimes use them daily to end up with irritation, burned and or damaged skin. It makes me want to scream …..What the fudge are you doing?????!!!!. Though these products may be low in acid percentage, however layering one on top of the other increases the percentage of overall acids on the skin.

In all, there is so much your skin can take. Since you love it enough to adopt a routine, be responsible. Sometimes more is just too much. Just like our stomach have a satiation point, your skin has one too. There is so much it can absorb. Anything more is just a waste.

Earth’s Recipe Energy Boosting Toner review.

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Confessions of a skincare junkie: I’m a sucker for pretty pastel packaging. For the past few months, I have been seeing this brand all over the place. There have been reviews all over the place. With that, I had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and it was real. I was ready to whip out my card and get to buying. Then one fateful day I checked my DM’s. What did I see? The brand reached out to me and asked to send me some of their products for review. When I tell you I did a happy dance, its an understatement.

Within 2 weeks I received a lovely box from Earth’s Recipe containing the:

  • Energy Boosting Tone
  • Moisture Bund Cream
  • Waterful Sun Gel Spf 50+ PA+++

First thing I had to use the toner. Yes, I love toners. How can you not love such magic waters? In the case of Earth’s Recipe’s Confessions Energy Boosting Toner, the temptation was overwhelming. I open that package and the first thing I did was sniff. I swore I smelled lemongrass one of my favorite scents. With that, I had to investigate the ingredient list. Dear God, this toner is an herbal medicine lover’s dream. The majority of the ingredients list is composed of plant extracts and oils,  many of which are anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, hydrating, brightening, astringents and antiseptic in nature.

Let’s take a look at some of the extracts, oils  and other ingredients it contains:

Licorice root extract,  Kava Kava extract, Japanese Moutain Yam extract, Blackhoof mushroom extract, Burdock root extract, Poria Mushroom extract, Willow Herb root and stem extract, Little Hogweed extract, Japanese Arrowroot extract, Peony root extract, Cnidium Officinale Root extract, Soybean Ferment extract, Amorphophallus Konjac Root extract, White Jelly Mushroom extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Lemon fruit Oil, Sweet orange oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Bergamot Fruit Oil, Citronella Oil, Wild Geranium oil, collagen, lecithin, hyaluronic acid, Folic Acid, Ceramide 3, panthenol and more.

This moisturizing toner has a viscous consistency, upon application it certainly was not watery. A bit thicker than my usual toners, in my opinion, can be used both as a toner or as an essence. One important factor is,  it’s alcohol-free. This makes it perfect for someone like me, an avid user of acid toners in need of a good moisturizing toner to balance the skin.


Even rubbed in a bit you can still see its thickness. This is why I believe it can have a dual purpose of toner and essence.


Once patted in it was quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it moist, plumped and revived with absolutely no stickiness.


These past few weeks I truly have been enjoying this toner. I have used it as both essence and toner and have had no adverse reactions. This toner is somewhat reminiscent of the Whamisa Organic Flower Deep Rich Toner in texture and almost in scent except a bit more citrusy. If you are looking to purchase, it can be found on Amazon , Bemusedkorea  , and  at Glowrecipe for $34 dollars. I personally look forward to repurchasing this toner once my bottle is done. Meanwhile, I’m also using the other 2 items also gifted to me by the brand for my honest opinion.

If you are interested in can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the image below :