Archive | July 2019


After cleansing, toning is a very important part of one’s skincare routine. Toners help you remove dirt and oils not completely removed by only cleansing. It prepares the skin for the next steps of your routine. There are different types of toners that target a variety of issues. In my case, I often choose my toners based on the skin issues I wish to address. May it be dryness, acne, or dullness etc.

For example, if you are experiencing dry skin and need a toner to help address the issue, it would be to your advantage to choose a toner that is hydrating and or moisturizing and devoid of alcohol. For acne, hyperpigmentation and dull skin, picking an acid toner aka exfoliating toners such as glycolic acid or mandelic acid toner which helps dry acne, fade dark spots and brightens skin would be advised. I would also choose a moisturizing toner which would help impart moisture to counterbalance the acid/exfoliating toner’s alcohol content.

Regardless of your skin’s condition using a toner is beneficial to the overall cleansing and health of your skin.